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"Unlimited Downloads for Life!": When I first started reviewing MP3 and MP4 download sites, I typed in "ipod downloads" into Google and got bombarded with ads and links to "Unlimited Downloads for Life!" or "One-time Only Fee". I was intrigued! Why are people paying monthly fees through iTunes or Napster or Rhapsody when for $34.95 I can get that and a lot more and never have to pay for it again? So I bought in! I tried three programs and all three gave me virtually the exact same thing: File-sharing.

That is right, the same thing that killed Napster a few years ago. Most of these sights advertise: "Legal Downloads". That is true, to some extent. Owning file-sharing software is legal. Downloading and sharing files is legal as long as the material is not copyrighted! If you look at the fine-print of any of these websites, they condone downloading copyrighted material. So if you are looking for a new Green Day song, you will find it in the file-sharing world and you can download it very easily. Is this legal? If it is copyrighted (which this would probably be), NO! Can you get in trouble for downloading this song? Yes. Will you? Probably not, but it is always a possibility and a risk.

You have three choices:

1) "File-sharing still sounds like a good resource and I will use it for downloading legal content." - If this is the case, first, don't waste your money on these stupid "unlimited mp3 download" programs. Spend the money on something you will really need if you do file- sharing like Anti-Virus and Spyware protection (Click Here to learn more). If you want to learn how file-sharing works and how to set it up for free, Click Here to join my quick email eCourse.

2) "I want to download songs online, but I don't want to take any legal risks or virus risks to my computer." - We review the top copyright-licensed MP3 download websites. For $15/month, you can really get a lot for you money! Click here to learn more.

3) "I really don't want to download off the web, but I have a great CD collection that I would like to convert to my MP3 player." - Most MP3 players come with software that allows you to do this for free. Reviews of top conversion software coming soon!