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Spyware Doctor AntiSpyware Review

Spyware Doctor
(by PC Tools)

Price: $30
  • Highest Blocking Ability
  • Easy to Use
  • Browser Protection
  • Start-up Protection
  • Review / Description:

    As I mentioned in my anti-virus review, my most recent attack attracted a lot of spyware. I currently had a free version of Lavasoft Ad-Aware. I know a lot of people like the tool, but frankly, it has not helped much to clean my computer of spyware and more specifically, adware. I first ran Ad-Aware and after a clean, it told me that my computer was good, but the pop-ups kept appearing. Again, very frustrated with the situation, I tried a few anti-spyware programs. I registered Ad-Adware, but that did not give me anything new to solve this problem. I hooked up McAfee (for a price), BitDefender AntiSpyware and Microsoft Windows Defender (beta - free) but none of them solved the problem. Again, I checked out reviews and PC Tools Spyware Doctor was well liked and I tried it. First, and most important, it did find the spyware and adware the others did not. Beyond that, the program is fairly simple. It is easy to use, offers excellent anti-phishing protection and did not slow up my computer at all. Its price is a standard $30. This was totally worth the price, especially since pop-up ads are now a thing of the past for me!

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