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Rhapsody-to-Go (by Music Share Review

Review / Description:

Of all of the music share programs, I found that Rhapsody was the most well-rounded of the bunch. It's pricing was fairly standard at $9.99 (tethered) /$14.95 (to-go), but includes everything you really need in a music share program:

  • Excellent Software (Rhapsody Jukebox) that is available on ALL Platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Free Radio, Playlists, and Editorials
  • Excellent Support
  • Purchase tracks at $0.89 each (with subscription, $0.99 regular price)
  • Purchased tracks are IPOD compatible

Rhapsody combines the top features of most of the music share programs (like Yahoo Music and Napster) with the ease and IPOD compatibility of iTunes. My top pick!

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Subscription Price:
Free Trial: YES (14-Days)
Number of Tracks: +2,000,000

Computer Platforms:Windows, Mac, Linux

File Format(s) : 192kbps WMA
Media Player: Rhapsody Jukebox Player