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Napster-to-Go Music Share Review

Review / Description:

The founders of the MP3 revolution are back! After being shut down due to copyright infringing, their new program is 100% legal and legitimate. Price-wise, it is average (same as Rhapsody and AOL Music). Unlike Rhapsody and Yahoo, though, this program is a browser based service (though, it is not compatible with Mac or Linux systems). This program does offer some awesome playlist functions, Napsterlink (allows you to insert song links into emails, IMs, or websites) and editorials. Also, if you are willing to sign up for a one-year commitment, they will give you a compatible 256MB MP3 player (1GB for $50). 20% off on all purchases for subscribers as well. In conclusion, Napster offers an excellent program. For the same price, I give the slight edge to Rhapsody, but if you do not currently own an MP3 player, this is a good way to get one for free and get access to a solid performer.

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Subscription Price:
Free Trial: YES (7-Days)
Number of Tracks: +2,000,000

Computer Platforms: Windows Only

File Format(s) : 192kbps WMA
Media Player: Windows Media Player 10