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eMusic Music Share Review

Review / Description:

eMusic is currently the SECOND most popular download site on the web (behind iTunes). eMusic is a bit different from the other programs:

  • Focuses mainly on independant labels
  • All files are saved as traditional, unprotected MP3's (can be played on any MP3 player, including IPODs)
  • Pricing is based on the number of downloads (to keep!) per month (though, ala carte track purchases are NOT available)
If you are into discovering less-known bands and wanting to support independant labels, this program is ideal for you. $19.95 may seem a lot for 90 downloads, but that equates to only $0.22 per track...much less than any other program by a factor of 4!). eMusic also offers some excellent editorials and playlist options as well as access to exclusive live shows and events. Don't be looking for the new Usher or Green Day on eMusic, though. It won't be there.

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Subscription Price:
(40 Tracks/mo)
(65 Tracks/mo)
(90 Tracks/mo)
Free Trial: YES (14-days)
Number of Tracks: +1,000,000

Computer Platforms: Windows and Mac

File Format(s) : Variable Bit Rate MP3
Media Player: eMusic Download Manager