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BitDefender AntiVirus Review

BitDefender v10
Price: $39.95
  • Highest Detection
  • High Scanning Speeds
  • Scheduled Scanning
  • IM Scanning

* Update! BitDefender v10 Standard now includes their AntiSpyware software for FREE!


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Review / Description:

My most recent attack to my computer has made me re-think my Anti-virus software quite a bit.  This new virus sped right through my Norton and really caused a lot of havoc (and introduced a hell of a lot of spyware).  Norton has a lot of cool features and it relatively easy to use, but if you really want to maximize your protection, you needed to dig a bit deeper.  I tried Panda Software and PC Tools AntiVirus, but they did not fix the problem.  I found a lot of positive reviews (such as Consumer Reports and CNET) of BitDefender and sure enough, it fixed it!  It has many of the standard features as the others (such as scheduled scans and IM scanning), but with more detection capabilities and faster scanning speed.  Also, their customer service was fantastic.  Their 24 hour live chat feature was very convenient (especially at 10pm at night.).  With a price of only $30, it makes it an easy choice for my Anti-Virus protection.

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