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AOL Music Now Music Share Review

Review / Description:

AOL Music Now is fairly new compared to its competitors and is currently an upgrade of its current MusicNet program. The program is browser based (like Napster), but also only runs on Window based systems. AOL Music Now is very similiar in function and price to programs like Napster and Rhapsody, but in no way deliver the same quality of product. Its bit rate is a low 128kbps and the download manager, playlist options and ease of use are mediocre at best. The program lacked the same editorial comments and insights that the other programs offer as well. I was also kind of annoyed that their sales pitch would not even include a price unless I registered with them. The 30-day free trial is the only reason this would be worth trying, in my opinion. Again,they are new and I'm sure many of these issues will be resolved in the future, but for now, the other programs have much more to offer for the same (or cheaper) price.

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Subscription Price:
Free Trial: YES (30-Days)
Number of Tracks: +2,000,000

Computer Platforms: Windows Only

File Format(s) : 128ksps WMA
Media Player: AOL Music Now Download Manager